In memoriam

Theodore "Ted" Lint
April 28, 1923 => November 6, 2016

Ted was a dear friend and mentor to me.  He traveled all over Europe, bringing untold 1000's of molds to the United States, providing them to a select group of buyers. I was honored
to be included in that group.

Ted had a tremendous sense of humor and a big heart. 
He helped me in any way he could, especially during
Chocolate  Show in NYC 2000. 

We knew many people in common and shared many
happy hours gossiping about friends and connections
and laughing about his  pranks.
Chances are if you bought a mold from a dealer
in the USA , it came via Ted. 

He retired in 2010. 

His 3 sons, Frank, Teddy and Michael were with him just before he passed peacefully in his condo on Central Park in
New York City on 11/6/16.

I miss him very much!

Believe it nor I haven't a single photo of him to share,
if you find one please pass it along.